etymology of art is tech. artifical, technology, craft skill or trade.  trading with the fallen angels for power and skills.  delphi and easter island oracles places where the pagans did sacrificial rituals for trade of knowledge and power from the fallen angels in the multi layered matrix.the elites masters are the lords of this matrix, the entities watching us behind the curtains, that hate us, because we are beautiful and they are hideous. They are stuck forever screaming within the walls of the prison they are cast into because they can not die and they can not get out, jealous of us because we have the pleasures of love and creation. They can not create and love and take part in the earthly pleasure like us. They feed of off horror bc they are horror. they wish to destroy humanity, to trick us and cast us out of our origin because misery loves company.


Upon seeing this friendly little video of a elk caf playing in some water, i wonder if it was in fact real, or is their a possibility it could be CGI?  An experiment taking place in the social media sharing networks, is it an operation going on to implicate Computer generated imagry as the real thing?  Has CGI advanced to taking place of  news footage,could we even tell the difference in between real and CGI in a digital media sharing world of where we get our “information”  “news”, and “entertainment”.  Its a pressing question of the advancement of age old propaganda in the times we are living in with the push for trans humanism, and 4th dimension A.I. rendering.  first of all this website for cgi is called psyop

Screenshot (249)

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first of all there is no wikipedia page for j.maxwell or aka russel pine? and it will not allow one to be made.  i have only heard speculations on him being a 33rd degree freemason but there is no substantial evidence of anything about jordan maxwell prior to the 80’s

this was brought to my attention 2day that jordan and micheal could be the same person.  its already apparent ne popular name out there is disinformation agent,so we know maxwell has an agenda,and weve debunked astro-theology thnx to william cooper! ….ne way look at this evidence i gathered

that lilith aquino disguied as jordans wife ( i googled jordan maxwells wife and this image came up,name unknown)?  could be i see a resemblance, here she is with no make-up or died haired and has put on a few more pounds. or are they in fat suits/elaborate disguises? looks like lilth .the elite love that whole duality  “alter ego”.  robin_williams_dans_madame_doubtfire_et_camping_car_portrait_w858  ok now look at this signiture look turtle neck and blazer!m_aquinoJordan_Maxwell-289x188_289_18812Jf2Ilhqdefaultthjordan_maxwellat is how a “preist” dresses. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\undeniable signiture look,\images (99)images (100)f49d1ce00e23399b13eb8d9328754c09f2f4fbb6067a13bb612e6a8b6b9f8438aquinoworig333vatican19_03 look at the eyes! same smily eyes, ans same little mouth did he get a nose job? i know micheal aquino wore a lot of makeup, so any little nuance could dramatically change his look, the similarity are undeniable


ok i saw this documentary Screenshot (166)  and i thought bizarre and it apearedto be  hypnotism,david lynch has hypnosis techniques written all over his style of film making and presenting. the word hypnotic is almost synonymous with lynchian.  i seen this trailer Screenshot (165) Screenshot (234) im wondering what david lynch is doing has to do with transhumanism agenda! btw tm is maharisi’s cult, look at this add popped up on fb from me taking about tm so much, they found me some more evidence!   transhumanismtranscendence….thnking thnking, brave new world…ect well it has to do a lot! just start looking it up bc there is a lot out there! when u start to read u start seeing this  repetitive theme in all the sci fi movies and in technology, bc it is really happeningind Screenshot (168) take a look for yrself clck hereScreenshot (172) Screenshot (173)Screenshot (176)Screenshot (177) t isScreenshot (169)a tradmarked federal corporation.  tm originaly made famous by celebrity beetles  click        lets look at what a “mantra really is.I did a little research and basicly what i came to the conclusion was that a mantra is brain washing technique to repeat over and over again untill you manifest whatever this guru or w/e demon is willing through the mantra. tm is hypnosis and low grade mind control alpha beta delta gamma what is hypnosis what is mind control  and i just found this link, looks like someone else has done there homework taking a critical approach really hard to find objecting testimonials, gee i wonder why, and what is this”world peace” ne way, im weary of ne thng that says globe, world,national ect .  world peace is a grand illusion.   one persons utopia is someone elses genicide , hello. here is a link , and look it up yourself  on world peace grand illusion ” ‘World peace’ is an idea that one might have to stop the suffering/not peace/conflict – but the suffering is felt as what is happening. The idea is that if the world was at peace then I would be at peace. Really though, one must inquire into what ‘the world’ actually is and find the one who is suffering conflict (not peace).Screenshot (167)..  now from investigation i have done on monarch programing, it is TRAUMA based mind control,  and so i see on this website there selling point is that it is helping all these people with pts, so what is tm? trauma based mind control. like i said before hypnosis is demonic possesion do your research, you are giving up your will to another. so do your research if you dont beleive me. clearly that is what is going on here with this global agenda to teach the WORLD TM!!!!!  the evidence just goes on abd on!the truthis stranger than fiction, bc its justinfinit you connect the dots yourself, i could go on and on about singularity and A.I. and what i think but i will have to say no 2b CONTINUED….Screenshot (153)sneek peek at where my research is going, interesting no? a.i. angels incarnate